How to get your kids to pick up their toys.


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It's Time To Say Goodbye to Toy Turmoil!

Inside this WEBINAR, You'll get the best advice for:

  • Time Saving Tips: Learn valuable time-saving hacks to streamline the toy cleanup process.

  • Improving Their Future: Empower your kids to take responsibility for their toys to develop independence and accountability for other things.

  • Making It Fun: Make cleanup time into a fun and enjoyable activity.

  • Developing Lifelong Skills: Develop sustainable organizational habits that even goes beyond the playroom.

  • Setting Positive Solutions: Encourage their children to tidy up their toys without resorting to taking toys away so they learn a sense of accomplishment and pride in their efforts.

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At the end of the webinar, an exclusive price for a toy organization course will be offered.

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Meet Charlene

Charlene has been in the toy industry since 2012! She has served up toy tips and parenting advice in over 150 nationwide television and media segments and contributed to over 300 podcasts, magazines, newspapers, and website articles.

She is known for her "out of the toy box" thinking about toys. As a lawyer, real estate broker, neuro-divergent educator, and hobby decorator (yes, she wears many hats), she knows the power of play, the goal of a gorgeous home, and the desire to educate and engage kids through toy creativity.

But as a Mom of two kids and as a professional toy expert, she sees hundreds of toys every year and knows what will last and what will crash, as well as how to handle the massive amount of toys that will go through our homes. However, the first step in toy-sanity is getting the kids to pick them up!

As a toy and play expert, Charlene takes the puzzle out of play for thousands of parents and caregivers - and she is excited to share her tidy toy tips with you!

Put an end to the arguments over toy cleanup!

Stop feeling frustrated by the never-ending struggle to get your kids to pick up their toys!

Tackle the frustration of endless toy cleanup battles with ways to empower your children to take ownership of their toys and cultivate lifelong organizational skills!

Say goodbye to stress and hello to a harmonious home where tidying up toys becomes easy-peasy-lemon squeezy!

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